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Kevin Skinner

Kevin Skinner











 Contribution to the Show

Kevin is not only a great friend of ours and a long-term show listener but is above all a superb musician. We are so privileged that he's granted us access to use any of his music on the Show and you can first hear him in our Irish Mythological Cycle Summary, SP25a & SP25b. You can also hear Kevin's haunting At the Gates of Dinas Afferon in our Holiday Special for New Year 2012, SP27. Kevin's powerfully evocative From The Time Before appears in our Spring Holiday Special for 2012, SP28. The wonderful At the Gates of Dinas Afferon appears again in our Episode 40, Bretrayal in the Nursery.


From and early age my mind was filled with music that I wanted to hear, but nobody was making it. Some of the material you hear on this page was composed when I was about seven or eight years old. I didn't have access to a musical instrument at that time so I worked it out in my head and carried it there for some years.

As soon as I was able I bought an acoustic guitar and spent hours learning to play, at first by ear, learning some necessary theory later. As I grew into my teens I progressed to an electric guitar and synthesizer, going on to polish my skills as a musician touring with bands in the UK and Europe.

I then returned to get on with the task that was always the driving force behind my playing. To try to capture and express that music that filled and fills my mind and demands to be released. It's spirit is a part of my own, perhaps the essence of my own. From there I try to bring it as purely as I can to the ear of the listener.

To create an inner world of images in the mind of the listener as it swirls with images in my own. I hope you enjoy these tracks and that they bring inspiration to your own inner landscape.


Kevin has 1 album available.

Fire Walk With Me

Fire Walk With Me

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