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Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech)

Kevin MacLeod




 Contribution to the Show

We are very pleased to be able to showcase some of Kevin's wonderful Royalty-Free music . You can hear the first piece, Pepper's Theme from his Touching Moments collection in our Episode 40, Betrayal in the Nursery. You can also hear End of the Era and Anguish from his Gloom and Sadness collections in the same episode.


Kevin MacLeod is an American composer and music producer living in New York City. MacLeod is best known for his distribution of royalty-free library music through his website, MacLeod has made over 2,000 self-composed pieces of music available for download under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

His licensing options allows anyone to use his music for free as long as he receives attribution, which has led to his music being used in millions of YouTube videos and over 1,500 films listed on IMDb. His music has been used in Hugo and by popular online content creators such as The Fine Brothers, College Humor, Domination Pictures and many other popular YouTube channels.


Kevin has over 2,000 tracks availabe at

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