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Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson



 Contribution to the Show

Keith Wilson has given us the wonderful story, Nami's Trees to perform for you in our Lughnasadh 2009 Holiday Special, SP13.


*Newsflash* Keith has written the first book, called Geillan, of an amazing trilogy starting in pre-historic Ireland. Check out the book on Amazon!

Keith Wilson is a freelance writer of non-fiction and fiction as well as a singer-songwriter in Lancaster, PA. For several years he has written features and music reviews for regional publication Fly magazine while honing various fiction pieces as well as a spiritual memoir/autobiography.

Keith was the vocalist and co-writer for internationally acclaimed rock band, Movies With Heroes. After a critically praised album, Nothing Here is Perfect, countless concerts in the U.S. and two European tours, the band ceased its activity in lieu of families and financial concerns. Keith has been performing new songs as Saint Narcissus since late 2008, and is currently working on a full length album for an early 2009 release.

Keith’s spiritual and musical paths seemed to somehow converge in Ireland, the homeland of his pre-revolutionary war American ancestors. Several of his previous band’s most memorable performance experiences, in which the audience connection could only be described as magical, took place in Dublin. He will return to Dublin for his first solo acoustic performance (as Saint Narcissus) at Eamonn Doran’s on August 14, 2009.

In the intervening years, Keith has re-discovered his Celtic roots in Ireland as well as his new-found spiritual roots in their ancient Christian practices. Through immersion in research of many things Celtic, his writing continues to be heavily informed, inspired, and influenced by the world of Celtic myth and reality.


Keith has 1 book available.


Geillan, A Prisoner's Tale

Buy from Amazon

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