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Kate & Corwen

Kate & Corwen



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 Contribution to the Show

We're very privileged that Kate & Corwen have allowed us to play their very powerful Cheshire Soul Caking song which brings back images of another time in our Samhain Holiday Special for 2011, SP26. As we found out in the show, the Soul Cakers were often accompaniued by a hobby horse and Kate & Corwen have their own, called 'Knobbin the 'Oss' who even has his own Facebook page!

You can also hear a live version of the superb Child Ballard No. 36, The Laily Worm & the Machrel of the Sea in our 2016 News Update Show, Episode SP42. Special Episode 43, Sussex Celts features two superb tracks from the fantastic Fishe or Fowle double album, Pica Pica and the Song of the Travelling Fairies.


Kate is from a family of musicians and grew up singing folk songs from the New Community Songbook in the back of a Morris Minor on the way to hunt for rare species of moss with her Mum and Dad (a bryophyte fiend). She has lived on a narrowboat for many years, worked as a music teacher, run choirs and taught drama. She can play Dancing Queen on the Ukulele, and sing 70 verse ballads from memory, though not usually at the same gig...

Corwen grew up in Dorset with his grandparents who were The Last Of The Victorians. Thus instilled with a love of spartan living, chipping ice from the inside of the bedroom windows, open fires and outside toilets, he ran away with the Travellers and spent many years in festival cafes, down protest site tunnels, busking or sleeping in the back of vans. New Traveller culture being what it is he quickly learnt to play lots of instruments. He is older now and his knees make bad noises when he sits on the pavement so these days he gigs and makes ancient musical instruments like lyres and bone flutes for a living. He will talk about them to anyone who will listen. He is a Druid and has a robe to prove it.

Ancient Instruments

Kate & Corwen met in the 10th century playing at a medieval banquet. Their compatible collection of ancient reed instruments inspired love at first parp.The fact that they also had similar collections of Finnish pop cemented the relationship. Since meeting they have walked pilgrimages to Spain, across Norway, rebuilt Kate's narrowboat and played lots of music. They are currently recording their first duo CD, Fishe or Fowle.


Kate & Corwen have 1 album available & Kate has 1 album and 1 single available.


Fishe or Fowle

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