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Justin Russell Commissions


Please allow for 2-3 weeks for shipping, if you are a US resident; 4-6 if you live outside the country. If you have questions regarding your order, please email me at

For holidays, please consider the seasonal rushes. Last minute orders cannot be expected to arrive on time for holiday gift-giving. Ample time must be had to organize the commission specs and complete the work, then have it mailed.

When you place your orders, please provide a current phone number and mailing address in case there are problems with shipping.


Those ordering from outside the US, please use the PayPal International account. It may take a few days to verify, for which I apologize in advance, but it will allow you to pay for your merchandise.


All images I create are copyrighted to me unless stated otherwise. Images presented on my site that are copyrighted to other parties, companies, etc., can only be used with permission from that party. I will not furnish their contact information. Look on my site in the image descriptions for any information I may post there regarding those parties. You will have to contact them yourself.

If you use my images, they must be used at PROPORTIONAL sizes to the original. Each piece was specifically designed with those parameters in mind. Keep them that way.

If you link to images from my site, please do not use a direct link. Download the image and upload it from your own computer. This cuts down on bandwidth problems and helps to make sure the site loads properly for me and for others visiting it.

All images MUST have a © JUSTIN DAVID RUSSELL on the image somewhere or in your credits.


A standard contract is available for commissions. It must be signed by both parties and can be emailed to you via email or regular mail. For specific jobs, individual contracts may be drawn up to suit the needs of the patron commissioning the work.


Examples may be seen throughout my DA gallery, on my blog ( and on my website ( For your convenience I have included some samples here. Just follow the links:

Graphite:[link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
Pen and Ink: [link] [link] [link]
Pastel: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
Watercolour: [link] [link] [link]
Oil Paint: [link]


If you wish to link back to my site or credit my work, please feel free to use this link: [link]. You may use any banners you see there for this purpose.

Commission Prices:

Type of Work Size* Print**; Original

Line Art S/M/L 10/15/20; 15/30/50
Tonal S/M/L 15/20/30; 30/50/65

Line Art S/M/L 15/20/30; 30/50/65
Tonal S/M/L 20/30/40; 50/75/100

CHALK PASTEL S/M/L 25/35/45; 300/500/1000

WATERCOLOUR S/M/L 25/35/45; 500/700/1500

OIL PAINT S/M/L 25/35/45; 300/500/1000

*Sizes – Small – up to 8.5x11; Medium – larger than 8.5x11 to 16x20; Large – larger than 16x20 to 18x24. You will have to ask me for prices regarding prints and original images larger than 18x24. All sizes are measured in inches. If you wish to have these measurements in another format please let me know at:

**Prints – Prints are ordered through Deviant Art. If they do not have the size you wish, please contact Justin at Arrangements can be made to have prints made via Kinkos and then shipped to you.

NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in US currency, the US dollar ($). Please feel free to contact me at:, if you would like quote in another form of currency.


I would like to thank Ashleigh Michelle [link] and Ravenari [link] who have been more than helpful in helping me figure this out. I would also like to thank Larry Elmore [link] who is one of my greatest inspirations, and Michael Whelan [link] a true visionary and the reason I am doing this. Thank you to all the DA folk who support me, future supporters, and the DA staff for allowing such an wonderful place for artists to express themselves, better their craft, and find like minded people to interact with. Without this site I would not know any of the fantastic people I do and I wouldn't have met the most wonderful person in my life. Thanks to the people at the Celtic Myth Podshow for supplying me with hours of entertainment while I paint and work on my writing. In general, thanks to everyone. And please check out Ashleigh Michelle's and Ravenari's galleries. They are amazing artists and your support will help them continue doing amazing art.


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