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 Contribution to the Show

Jigger are an Brisbane, Australia band, full of life, whose music we use in our Show for introducing 'Listener Feedback'. Their track Time Ticks Away, is one of those pieces of music that gets into your ears and refuses to come out! Thank you guys!


Take a rowdy mandolin and guitar player who doesn't like sleeves on any of his shirts; add a fiddle player who plays with zest and gusto; combine that with a singer-songwriter obsessed with the themes of time, love, sailing, and drinking, then add three-part harmonies, a splash of percussion and a dash of larrikin humour and you have...

Jigger, an energetic three-piece from Brisbane Australia who play spirited acoustic roots music.

Matt Kealley sings, writes, strums acoustic guitars, wails on harmonica and bangs and shakes percussion.

Don Jarmey sings, whoopes and hollers, strums and picks acoustic guitar, mandolin and bouzouki.

Jamie Corfield sings, dances and plays fiddle with zest and gusto. [source]


Jigger have 1 EP available.

Time Ticks Away

Time Ticks Away

Buy from Jigger

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