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Jacqui Callis & Cahooty

Jacqui Callis & Cahooty





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 Contribution to the Show

The combination of Jacqui Callis and Suzan Caroll has produced a masterpiece of harmonic, faerie chant. We are very pleased and proud to be able to bring you their track, Faerie Night, in our Autumn Equinox Holiday Special, Episode SP04.


Faerie Night is a powerful faerie song written and performed by Jacqui Callis from a poem by friend and author Suzan Caroll. Although available to download individually, it is from a collection of original songs called Soul Vagabond. The CD features 18 songs with a Celtic/folksy/multidimensional feel, written, or co-written, by Jacqui - some are unaccompanied voice and harmonies and others feature: fiddle, dulcimer, pedal steel, slide, lead and rhythm guitars, banjo and double bass.

Jacqui Callis has been a performing singer/songwriter for many years, training initially in Fine Art, the power of creativity eventually led her to study healing and sacred sound. She is now a qualified crystal, energy and sound healer and teacher of energy workshops ( In 2004 she moved with her family from London to Cornwall, UK, where she also performs with acoustic roots band Cahooty.

(Poem Faerie Night from the book Seven Steps to Soul By Dr. S. Caroll, available from


Jacqui has 1 album available.

Soul Vagabond

Soul Vagabond

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