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Inta Africa

Inta Africa









 Contribution to the Show

Inta Africa are an amazing, high-energy African drumming group that we had the great pleasure of seeing and playing with at the Magical Faerie Festival in 2013. You can hear their superb track Kuku in our 2013 Faerie Festival Special, SP37.


INTA AFRICA was originally created to unite people of different nationalities faiths and age, using music to create an experience that not only bonds but is creative, stimulating and above all fun.

Our drum workshops are high energy fast moving and suitable for begginer to expert. We hold 80 high end djembe drums from The Gambia, Senegal, Guinea, Mali and Ghana and a host of other percussion instruments to be played along with the drums.

Inta Africa Workshop

Inta Africa Workshop

If you need a performance that gets people up and dancing then look no further! Inta Africa put on high energy performances with an aray of different instruments. They will have the crowd involved singing and chanting, making them part of the music. Its music to dance to!


Althought Inta Africa don't have any albums at the moment, we have heard a rumour that some tracks are being recorded soon!

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