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Hungry Bentley

Hungry Bentley



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 Contribution to the Show

The beautiful, lyrical and powerful song called The Book of Invasions appears on SP05a, the Samhain 2008 Holiday Special Part One. Many thanks to John Clayton of Hungry Bentley and Nigel McLoughlin, Irish poet and lyricist, for permission to play this song. You can find out more about Nigel on his Contributor page.


Beautifully crafted, elegiac lyrics set to acoustic minor key. Guitar and piano blended like a vintage whisky. And those lyrics; at once verbose and precise.

Aural sketches of the persistent low cloud in John’s North Western home town, but Hungry Bentley also make time to notice the single shaft of sunlight breaking through, illuminating the Cemetery Gates.

Songs of love, songs of joy, songs of hope to make you smile and dream and weep.

John’s influences take in Lloyd Cole and his commotion, REM, The Smiths and I am Kloot. There’s a theme here; did I say something about minor keys?

Imagine a film playing in your head; black and white of course but like stories hewn by the balladeers above, this is a film with a twist - there’s nobody hiding in the cupboard. Is that Hungry Bentley playing us out over the closing credits?

Where next? Oxygen and Rust (HB’s first album) has provoked interest from radio and poet alike.

Hungry Bentley will return to the studio shortly to commit those closing credits to…. To what? What do you say these days? They’ll commit them to a series of 0s and 1s to be shared with My (space) Generation. How post modern. Like plugging into the Marshall in ‘65.

Post Modern? A simple statement that means nothing.

Hungry Bentley


Hungry Bentley have 2 albums available.

Novel Grade Events

Novel Grade Events

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Closing Credits

Closing Credits

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