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Greenwood the Bard

Greenwood the Bard





 Contribution to the Show

The wonderful epic poetry of Greenwood the Bard, aka Stephen Cole, appears in our Irish Mythological Cycle Summary, SP25a and SP25b.


Greenwood the Bard, aka Stephen Cole, has written much wonderful poetry and we're very privileged to bring you his "Book of Invasions" epic saga that re-tells the story of the Invasions of Erin.

"After a lifelong love of myth and magic,fairytale and folklore, and brought up in a family where faith and a Godly lifestyle were more important than religion, I was named as a Bard at a Gorsedd in Glastonbury. I am deeply in love with my Creator and His Creation, I have a passion for music, poetry and storytelling, and I live to build bridges between Christian and Pagan <><"

That is such a wonderful quest and so sad that any bridges need to be built. Good luck, Stephen!

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