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Gaelic Wind Project

Gaelic Wind Project



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 Contribution to the Show

The enchanting song, Shimmering Wings, inspired by Juliet Marillier´s novel Daughter of the Forest appears in our Midsummer Holiday Special, SP2a.


They hail from Essen, Germany. Yet the repertoire of Gaelic Wind Project consists of Irish traditional songs and tunes, but they also perform their own material. This Irish folk band consists of two female lead vocalists who are accompanied by Irish wooden flute, accordion, guitar, Irish bouzouki and percussion. Gaelic Wind Project is a nice addition to any Celtic music collection.

The German group "Gaelic Wind Project" focusses on a melodic and harmonious performance of Irish traditional songs and tunes. The subtle arrangements comprise the Irish wooden flute, akkordeon, guitars, Irish bouzouki and, last but not least, the fascinating and enchanting voices of the two lead singers.


Gaelic Wind Project have 1 album available.

Along the Enchanted Way

Along the Enchanted Way

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