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Faeries Wear Boots

Faeries Wear Boots




 Contribution to the Show

The Faeries have graciously allowed us to play their beautiful Faery Dance on our Christmas 2008 Music Special, SP07. You can also here the fabulous tune, Mr Monaghan's Magical Faery Dust in our New Year Music Special, SP08.


Faeries Wear Boots are:

Chrissie Miller – Irish tenor banjo, mandolin
Polly Keeble – Flute, whistles
Robby Miller – Electric and acoustic guitars, bass, vocals
Andrew Miller – Bouzouki, bodhran, didgeridoo

Faeries Wear Boots Biography

Born just weeks apart, with a mutual love of all things dark, gothic, shiny, folky, and fae, it was inevitable that Chrissie and Polly would eventually come together to form Faeries Wear Boots, a modern melting-pot of the darker elements of British and Irish folk music and lore with pretty tunes, driving beats, and of course, very big boots. Soon they were joined by Chrissie's father, Andrew, and (when he wasn't busy being a rock star) her brother Robby and the Faeries Wear Boots line up was complete...

'Faeries Wear Boots' is, of course, a twist on the Black Sabbath song of the same name that hopes to capture both a passion for traditional Celtic folk music and a love of all things Goth and Metal.

Described by one festival organizer as ‘faeries with attitude’, Faeries Wear Boots continue to go from strength to strength as they win over audiences with their captivating tunes and fantastical faerie attire. ... Already Faeries Wear Boots have been asked to support Scottish songstress Isla Sinclair, and have played alongside Pagan-Folk and Faery artists such as Omnia, Daughters of Gaia, The Dolmen, Wendy Rule and Elfin Spiral.


The Faeries have 1 album available.



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