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Esther Remmington

Esther Remmington







 Contribution to the Show

Esther Remmington (now Esther Winckles) has graciously allowed us to showcase some of her powerful, emotive and evocative art in our Faery Art Galleries which you can find here.


Emerging fantasy artist Esther Remmington was born in England in April 1980 and like many artists, she began drawing at an early age. Her passion for fantasy began at childhood with a love for fairytales and continued to develop with her growing interest in folklore, mythology and spirituality.

She was successful at art during school and went on to qualify in Graphic Design at college although she did not continue on this path. Fantasy and faery art remained a strong interest and after creating some fantasy watercolour paintings, including 'faery portraits' of friends, she decided to show case her work online. She created her website in 2006 offering prints for sale and continues adding new work.

Nature is a strong influence in her work and the faeries and figures she paints are representations of the wild beauty and magic of the natural world. She mainly works using watercolours but has also used acrylics and colour pencil and loves to explore new ideas and techniques.

Esther is currently working from her home studio in south-east England, where she lives and works (as Triba Mythica) with her husband, Martin. Her artwork has been seen around the internet, featured in FAE magazine, used on a festival flyer, and exhibited at shows/festivals. She is continuing to work on many different projects and commissions.

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