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Dawn Obrecht

Dawn Obrecht







 Contribution to the Show

Dawn Obrecht has graciously allowed us to showcase some of her striking, emotive and evocative art in our Faery Art Galleries which you can find here.


Dawn is a 33 year old fantasy artist residing in Iowa in the US. She says:

I am married with 3 beautiful little girls ages 9, 8 & 4.

I've been painting fantasy art for 3 years. My favorite medium is watercolor. I ink my outlines, use white and metallic gouaches for accents and love to add iridescent medium for sparklies!!

My favorite things to paint are faeries and mermaids. I also like to paint Asian faeries (geisha).

I've won several awards for my art and have been published in 3 books: Enchanted Artists; Visions of Atlantis (2005), Faeries Through the Seasons (2006), and Imagine 2006.

You can see more of her art in the following places:

Sheezy Art

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