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Darren Raleigh

Darren Raleigh



CD Baby

 Contribution to the Show

We are very pleased to be able to bring you two beautiful pieces from Darren in our 2013 Spring Equinox Show Pt.2, SP36 - Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady and Planxty Irwin.


My mission is simple: to serve as a Celtic Bard to the modern world, and thereby to restore some of the mythic awareness of life that has become lost by our modern age. The tools I bring to this work are the Celtic harp, my voice, and my store of songs, poems, and stories drawn from ancient myths and folktales. While I like to entertain, my real purpose is to inspire.

In studying mythology, I have come to find that ancient peoples viewed life in a manner very different from that of our modern societies. They viewed their lives as taking place within a continuing myth - they were keenly aware of the mythic quality of their own lives. I came to feel that such an attitude is the natural state for a human mind, yet our modern world does little to support, or even acknowledge, this basic element of living a complete life.

So I do what I can. I play the harp, tell the stories, recite the poems and sing the songs. But the harp, the stories, poems and songs: they're just the tools - they're not the job. The job is to bring that mythic awareness, that sense of belonging, to the people who need it. Because all myths at heart are about who we really are and how we really feel about this great, unfathomable, magnificent, mysterious thing that is life… I have no problem working with the mythologies and folktales of anywhere and anywhen, though I seem to have specialized in the music, myths and folktales of the Celtic nations. They feel good to me.

The harp is very much a part of this work, too. The sound of harp music carries healing directly to people’s innermost consciousness, which is why the harp has been considered a sacred instrument for a very, very long time.


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