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The unique sound of DIY-note's track Un can be heard in Episode 31, Face to Face with Death.


DIY-note was founded in September 2002.

DIY-note is a project funded by two former members of Blue haired girl in September 2002 at Nancy, France.

DIY-note mixes up acoustic, electrical and electronic music, with multiple instruments or samples. Voices from all horizons (Spanish, French, English, Hindi…) encourage their goal of breaking chains so they can keep their music independent of any geographical localization – Even if they are aware that their ideal is just impossible.

DIY-note is actually not a real band but the symbiosis of two autodidacts willing to create music. Every track is a piece of their life, a picture of their emotions experienced in an ephemeral moment.

The coming up of “Ruptures” will now allow them to diffuse their music. Only an album would have given a physical existence to a succession of sounds like a body to the spirit. “Do it yourself” gave name to DIY-note: to manage a project from piece to piece, from composition and interpretation to production and promotion.

About twenty new tracks are currently being composed. One of them has been used for a short movie, DIY-note would like to work again in this direction.


DIY-note have 2 albums available.

Downtown Distorsions

Downtown Distorsions

Download from Jamendo



Download from Jamendo

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