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Craig McAndrews

Craig McAndrews



Fosty Knoll

 Contribution to the Show

Craig McAndrews (called 'Craig Sackett' on the Show) has done us the great honour of allowing us to read his Short Story The Fosty Knoll in our 2013 New Year Party Show, SP33. This is the beginning of his Tales of the Fosty Knoll series and includes the Tale of the Two Rivals.


As a sapling I began to learn more about the earth I was part of.

As a young tree I became aware of bigger and taller trees than I, yet was curious about the role we all play together in the great forest of Life.

As my bark grew tougher and my branches stretched outward, I gained an understanding of my place in the world, recognising my own strengths and weaknesses.

As my body grew and my canopy reached up toward bright sunshine, I saw a path that lay through the forest.

So with confidence and curiosity I've begun to extend my branches, reaching for new achievements, creativity and spirituality.

Along the way I'm sure to be buffeted by winds both fair and foul, feel the cool and calming rain, and enjoy the warm inspiration of the sun.

Yet I'm ready to grow, to learn and explore new lessons in life, seed new ideas and share knowledge with those who grow happily beside me.

And like all aspiring Oak trees, my adventure began with the tiniest acorn...

Seed thoughtful, nurture lovingly, and harvest wisely.
Bright Blessings,

Craig A McAndrews

Craig is a Bard in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and is co-founder of the Celtic Moon Pagan Community with his beautiful wife Zee. They live together with their two black cats Gobbolino and Sootica.


'Tales of the Fosty Knoll' is a compilation of stories, yarns and poetry written by pagan writer Craig A McAndrews.

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