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Cerri Lee

Cerri Lee






 Contribution to the Show

Cerri has been absolutely fantastic by being the voice of the Goddess Rhiannon in the first of our Welsh Stories, based on the First Branch of the Mabinogi - Pwyll, the Prince of Annwn. You can hear the first part of this story by listening to Episode 30, Restless Dreams and it continues right up to Episode 42, A Mother's Worry, A Mother's Pride. Thank you so much for all your help, Cerri!

Cerri has also been kind enough to allow us to publish a gallery of her beautiful mythic pictures and evocative scultpures. You can find her Gallery in our galleries section. You can also hear an interview with this fascinating lady in our Specal Episode SP19.


Cerri Lee is a multi-talented visonary artist who can turn her hand to almost anything creative. She is inspired by nature, and the ancient Pagan myths and legends of many cultures, her beliefs as a modern day Druid as well as those around her. She can create anything from Rights of Passage gifts and altar pieces to wedding and birthday gifts, and will happily take on commisions. Each piece of artwork she creates is individual and can be personalised to you or your loved ones.

Her artwork has been used for album covers, featured in leading Pagan magazines, used as tattoos, and her sculptures are sent throughout the world. Cerri is equally in her element when she is up to her elbows in clay or painting one of her fabulous pictures. She is partner to Druid musican and long-time supporter of our show, Damh the Bard and can be found supporting him at many of his performances.

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