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The superb party Celtic music can be heard as as an introduction to Rhonda Carpenter's Mark of a Druid in our Midsummer 2009 Holiday Special, SP12.


CEILÍ MOSS is a 12-year old acoustic folk-rock band from Namur, in the South of Belgium. We like to define ourselves as acoustic folk-rock with a Northern European edge that is not afraid of coloring a bit outside of the lines... Someone once wrote about us: "they are not as punk as The Pogues, but they have a bit of that attitude, and it gives them an edge many folk groups lack."

Like many, we started with the "Drunken Danny rover of the County Down in the jar" songbook, but we have built our own distinctive sound, a refreshing brew of Celtic, but also of Flemish, Scandinavian, Balkanic, Mitteleuropa, Klezmer, blues, kleinkunst, medieval, singer-songwriter, ska or chanson sounds.

We play an approximately even mix of our own tunes, sung in English, French or Dutch, and of traditionals, sometimes played the orthodox way, sometimes completely rearranged.

To locate us on the map, let's say the most frequently heard comparisons include The Pogues, Ambrozijn, Les Ogres de Barback, Jaune Toujours and The Waterboys.


Ceili Moss have 5 albums available.

La vie sent quoi?

La vie sent quoi?

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Excerpts from the 1st 3 CDs

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Glad To Find You Well

Glad To Find You Well

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On The Shore

On The Shore

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Be There & Be Drunk!

Be There & Be Drunk!

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