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Catherine McManus

Catherine McManus







 Contribution to the Show

Catherine has been kind enough to allow us to publish a gallery of her beautiful mythic and fantasy art. You can find her Gallery in our galleries section.


Catherine Somerlot is an artist with a flair for the romantic. This is reflected in her work as a photographer, digital artist, and designer. She is inspired by the beauty and mystery of nature, Art Nouveau, vivid life-like dreams, medieval literature and music, and Celtic myth & legend. Victorian, medieval, and Pre-Raphaelite art sparks something deep within the soul, taking her back to another time and place. This escape from reality feeds her creativity and aids her in her creative process.

Much of Catherine’s work can be found in various galleries on the Web under her maiden name of Weisheit or Somerlot. Her work has been featured in a number of online publications such as DeviantART, Fae Nation, Fantasyana, The Vision Grove, and her live performance photography of the Mediaeval Baebes is displayed on the group’s official website. She also has work published in fantasy art print publications, such as The Fairy Society Magazine and Fantasyana Pubslishing's Amazing Events.

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