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 Contribution to the Show

Brocc have allowed us to play their wonderfully evocative track Lyonesse in our Imbolg 2009 Holiday Special, SP09. You can also hear the beautiful Call of the Wild Woods from their new album, 13 Moons, in our 2013 Spring Equinox Show, SP35.


Brocc came into being over the summer of 2008 - a product of gales and rain in the woods and a badger who came to stay and has become our symbol.

The songs this group weaves tells tales of myth and legend and the old beliefs of our lands and peoples. We embody the history of this land ... and we want to give something back.

Our music is timeless, evocative of earlier, simpler times. The instruments reflect our love of forgotten timbres - we play english & swedish bagpipes, woodwinds and recorders, the medieval hurdy-gurdy, mandola and bandurria, and a host of percussion.

This is our offering...............


Brocc have 2 albums available.

13 Moons

13 Moons

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