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Beck Sian

Beck Siân




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Acoustic Goth

 Contribution to the Show

The haunting strains of the ethereal voice of Beck Siàn can be heard in our 2013 Faerie Festival Special, SP37 with her track Moss from her first album, Unfurling.


"Haunting, Enchanted Folk Noir & Ethereal Ghost-Folk"

Beck Siàn was born on the 4th of January (we'll be polite and avoid mentioning the year) in Melbourne, Australia. Her mother is Welsh, and her father was born in England, but is from an Irish family. With Welsh and Irish blood, it seems only natural that Beck was going to be drawn to all things Celtic – everything from the Celtic artwork and mythology, Druidic reverence for nature and trees, tales of banshees, wraiths and faeries, to the musical instruments and haunting singing-styles. There is definitely a strong Celtic thread in Beck Siàn’s music – even when singing Australian songs and modern compositions.

Related to English singer Kate Bush, it was her influence and artistic inspiration (as well as having a talented artist for a father) that sparked Beck's own desire to dance, sing and create.

Beck Siàn’s original music is often influenced by the natural environment and folklore surrounding her, as well as the darker side of things - tales of ghosts and the supernatural are a common lyrical theme. Her first album, ‘Unfurling’, was set within an Australian Rain-forest. Her second full-length CD, ‘Luminous Wings & Unseen Things’ is set within the formal gardens of a haunted Welsh Castle. Her third CD 'Ye Olde Silent Inn' is set on the haunted moors of West Yorkshire and Pendle country.

Unfurling’ was named for the unfurling of the fern fronds in the forest, and for the unfurling of Beck’s true and new self within that environment. Beck Siàn moved to a cottage in the forest, with a guitar and a book of chords, and taught herself how to play. Having always loved writing little poems and stories, Beck began to set them to music. And so, ‘Unfurling’ was born, and Beck’s new journey as a singer/songwriter began. She particularly loves to write about storms, nature and ghost stories.

Beck's third full-length CD was released in 2012. 'Ye Olde Silent Inn' is set up on the West Yorkshire moors and Pendle country. Filled with tales of ghostly highwaymen, vampires, elemental spirits and haunted wayside inns, this is a ghostly and enchanting collection. A little bit spooky, a little bit unsettling, a little bit Gothic and very beautiful.

2013 has seen Beck collaborating on several projects ('Stations of the Sun' by MOOCH features Beck's singing), and she is now the vocalist for Prog-Rock band LEGEND (the new CD 'Spirit' is to be released on the 31st of October). Beck is currently working on two new shorter recordings (one of them featuring guitarist Dan Sullivan) and has now very happily teamed up with acclaimed guitarist Jonathan Kershaw to create a very special show together, which they will be touring until the end of 2014 (The Beautiful Ghosts & Bizarre Tales Tour). Jonathan and Beck have a new website featuring their work together

Her presentation is impeccable: between her songs she tells her story in her soft Australian accent, on equal terms with her audience. It’s like listening to a new friend. Her beautiful voice delivers her beautiful words wrapped in velvet: she captivates.” Tony Charnock (Topic Folk Club 2006)

Her vocal range and haunting delivery raises the hairs on the back of your neck.” David Parker (The Beat International)


Beck Siàn has 3 albums and 1 EP available.

Ye Olde Silent Inn

Ye Olde Silent Inn

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Luminous Wings & Unseen Things

Luminous Wings & Unseen Things

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Waltzing Matilda EP

Waltzing Matilda EP

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By These Words

By These Words, We Are Haunted, Vol. 1

with Jonathan Kershaw

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