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The Bards of FoDLA

The Bards of FoDLA





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 Contribution to the Show

The Bards of FoDLA have graciously allowed us to bring you the wonderful Lament of Miach from their album, Sacred Oaks, which you can hear in our Episode SP40, Druid Special #2.


American balladeers inspired by the ancient Druids, the Bards of FoDLA celebrate the spirit of the sacred oaks with Celtic harps, guitar and voices.

FoDLA is a Neo Druidic pagan community based in the Los Angeles area, dedicated to and inspired by the spiritual ideologies of the ancient Druids. Named in honor of "Fodla," (pronounced "FOE-lah"; the D is silent), one of the three patron goddesses of ancient Ireland, the community uses cultural, artifactual and reconstructed religious practice to explore and connect to the mysteries of the numinous. FoDLA is a fellowship following the religious path we call Draíocht Nua or Neo-Druidism and who seek to follow the central spiritual values of traditional pre-Christian Celtic societies. We have Groves in Northern and Southern California, New York, and Arizona.

Bio of the band members:

Stephanie Bennett is an award-winning professional harpist who has performed all over the world, and has long been inspired by Celtic music. She has released several CDs of her own compositions and arrangements, including "Avalon: Celtic music for relaxation". She is the featured Celtic harper on the CDs "Celtic Romance" by David Arkenstone, "Celtic Music for Stress Relief" by Dirk Freymuth, "Celtic Love Songs" by Susan Craig Winsberg, and "Celtic Cello" by Marston Smith.

Patricia Lamkin has worked professionally as a playwright, actor, singer, and musician in summer stock, regional and repertory theatres throughout the United States. Of her 10 completed plays, nine have been produced. Her recent full-length play, Balancing the Moon, was inspired by Celtic Faery lore.

Eva Gordon has been playing Celtic harp and studying Scottish Gaelic language and song for the past 20 years, taking prizes in An Comunn Gàidhlig America's write-in competitions, the Ohio Gaelic Mòd and the Grandfather Mountain Gaelic Mòd (song competitions). She directed the Celtic Arts Center's Gaelic Choir in North Hollywood from 2006-2011.


The Bards of FoDLA have 1 album available.

Sacred Oaks

Sacred Oaks

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