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    Irish Celtic Music





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 Contribution to the Show

The beautiful Irish tunes of the Boys of Tandragee and Tuesday Mornin can be heard in our 2013, Spring Equinox Special Pt.2, SP36.


Áthas lights the dance floor on fire with a combination of traditional and newly composed Irish dance tunes. Fierce fiddle, driving bodhrán, and funky guitar riffs come together to lift listeners' feet, drinks, and spirits.

The band found each other and their voice as an ensemble while playing in Irish sessions around Milwaukee throughout 2005. Spending their time between tunes laughing and joking inspired them to make music together and their name, which is the Irish word for joy and happiness.

The band's blend of exciting music and fun-loving attitudes quickly earned the admiration of Milwaukee's Irish set and ceili dance communities, as well as audiences throughout their hometown stomping grounds. áthas has become a favorite act at Irish music's premier event, Milwaukee Irish Fest, gathering praise for the excitement of their stage shows and the energy they display playing in the dance tent.

áthas is a band firmly rooted in the traditions of Irish music, constantly seeking inspiration from the past masters and passing on their knowledge by teaching throughout Milwaukee. The band remains receptive to new influences, and continues to impress audiences with their new compositions as well as their passion, energy and love for making music


Heather Lewin-Tiarks: fiddle
Jeff Ksiazek: guitars, bouzouki
Amy Richter: bodhrán, percussion


Áthas have 2 albums available.



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10 for 10: Live Tracks and Rarities

10 for 10: Live Tracks and Rarities

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