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Ant Neely

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Ant's powerful score, Every Boy Needs A Hero, has been used as score music in Episode 029, There and Back Again. You can also hear the track again in our Spring Seasonal Special for 2010, SP17b and amazingly, exactly one year later in our Spring Equinox Holiday Special 2011, SP23.


Ant Neely's nomadic upbringing introduced him to a variety of different styles of music and helped develop an early fascination with sound. From childhood experiments in ambient noise with his dad's reel to reel tape recorders to his current full-on digital-workstation orchestrations, his aim has always been to communicate through sound. Everything from the rhythmic clatter of a printer to the beautiful warm tones of a French Horn are considered fair game by Ant, and are part of his musical vocabulary.

In 1998, he formed the critically acclaimed, eclectic band, subthunk (www.subthunk.com) and toured the western United States. His compositions for the band received radio play throughout the U.S., and it was via airplay on L.A.’s KCRW that Ant first came to the attention of film and television producers and music editors. 

Ant's music has been heard on shows such as Boston Legal, Samantha Who, Six Feet Under and Las Vegas. He has composed music for three seasons of Sprookjesboom and contributed music to various film and television projects both in the U.S. and the U.K. Ant has released three albums with the band subthunk and 'Not Fit For Human Consumption' is his first solo album. He has remixed tracks for artists such as Devo.


Ant has 1 album available.

Not For Human Consumption

Not For Human Consumption

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