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Anne McWiden

Anne McWiden


 Contribution to the Show

The beautiful and tearful vocals of Annie can be heard in our Chatterbox Show 2011, SP24, in which she sings the Ballard of Glencoe - not to be missed. You can also her her lovely rendition of Si Do Mhaimeo I in our Irish Mythological Cycle Summary, SP25a.


Anne McWiden is a very talented musican and solo artist. She plays keyboard, flute, tin whistles, and sings. McWiden began her musical journey at the age of 9. From there, her father intruduced her to Celtic music.

What makes McWiden even more exceptional is the fact that she was born blind. While it has made things difficult as an artist, she's worked hard to excel in the field. She sings Gaelic and English traditional songs from both Ireland and Scotland.


Anne has 1 single available.

Ballard of Glencoe

Ballard of Glencoe

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