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Alizbar & Ann'sannat

Alizbar & Ann'sannat




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 Contribution to the Show

The astounding vocals of Inna along with the beautiful sound of Ann'Sannat provide the theme for Dryad in our Spring Equinox Holiday Special 2011, SP23 with their track Siul a Run.


This amazing Russian group, featuring the astounding harp of Alizbar and the beautiful vocals of Inna Bondari are completed by guitarist, Alexander Samodum.

You had discovered Alizbar with his wonderful fairy harp album, here he comes back with his band Ann’sannat (a track already features on our last book "berceuses des fées"). Ann'sannat mixes guitar, female voice, harp, violin, flute and bodhran. The celtic quintet opens the doors of an imaginary enchanted world. Between Irish, Scottish ballads and creations inspired by the fairy world, Ann'sannat's music beats at the rythm of Gaelic earth. Magical, soft, graceful and elegant, this music brings a real wish of happiness.


Alizbar's band, Ann'Sannat is described as follows:

The present group composition has existed from 1998. They began their activity from the concerts in different clubs of Chisinau (the capital of Republic of Moldova) where all the musicians live. The first demo album named "Ann'Sannat" (means "the elves fairy tales" taken from the fictive language of the English writer J.R.R. Tolkien) was recorded in 1998.

During 1999-2003 they gave a number of concerts in Moldavia, the Ukraine, Russia, Romania, and Hungary.

At the beginning of 2000 the band recorded their second release named "Welcome into the Morning". "Ann'Sannat" after participating in Celtic festivals in Russia, Romania and Hungary.

Alizbar, real name Eduard Suhari, was born 9 June, 1972 in Chisin, Moldova. He plays celtic harp, violoncello, flutes, mandoline, bodhran, domra, and lauta.


Alizbar and Ann'Sannat have 2 albums available.

The metamorphoses of Ann'

The metamorphoses of Ann'

Buy at Prikosnovenie (go there and search for Alizbar)

Welcome into the Morning

Welcome into the Morning

Buy at Prikosnovenie (go there and search for Alizbar)

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