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Aine MacAodha

Aine MacAodha





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Contribution to the Show

Aine has graciously allowed us to read two of her poems, Fire of the Gaels and Mise Eire, which appear in Part 1 of our Samhain 2008 Holiday Special, SP05a.


Aine MacAodha was born in the North of Ireland in 1963. Her sense of place growing up amid the war in the north, and the beauty surrounding it, inspires her writing. This is her first collection of poems spanning ten years.

The title of her first book of poetry, Where the three rivers Meet refers to the three rivers in Omagh that meet in the town’s centre, The Strule, Drumragh and the Camowen. She also draws much of her inspiration from The Sperrin Mountains, in her native Tyrone.

Her work has appeared in various magazines and anthologies throughout Ireland, USA and the UK. New Belfast Arts Sculpture, Poetry Now, Citizen 32, Oasis, The Herald, Forward press anthology, New Generation Defining Itself, Peterloo Poets, Whispers from the Hedgegrows, Argotist Online, Arabesque Review, La Luciole Press, Malibu Arts Review, Shamrock Haiku Journal, Haiku Ireland, Red Pulp Underground, Edit Red, Faces of the Goddess and ABC Tales have previously published Aine Macaodha.



Aine has 2 books available.

Where the Three Rivers Meet

Where the Three Rivers Meet

This is a first collection of poems from Irish poet Aine MacAodha spanning almost ten years. Her poems reflect the Landscape of Ireland both past and present, touching on many of the pre-historic sites found in County Tyrone, to the 'Troubles' that has been part of her life growing up in North Ireland.

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Guth An Anam

Guth An Anam (Voice of the Soul)

This is the second book for poetry from Irish Poet Aine Mac Aodha who lives in Omagh. Her work has been published widespread, internationally as well as locally and in the UK. Her poetry is plainly written and takes one off on journies to old celtic sites and through the landscapes of Tyrone. She is inspired by the Irish landscape and by its poets including Seamus Heaney and John Montague.

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