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Adam Ranger

Adam Ranger




Contribution to the Show

We are deeply grateful to Adam for taking the role of Bran in our second Branch story, the Saga of Branwen. This can be found from episode 44 onwards..


Adam says:

I am 53 years of age and I was born and bred in South London. I moved to Sussex 20 years ago and now very much call Sussex my home.

I have always been interested in myths and legends and old stories and folklore. I Came to paganism through the Folklore of the trees. Whilst trying to learn how to identify the different English trees some 17 years ago, I stumbled across the Ogham language and it fascinated me. This in turn led me to the path of Druidry. A path I still walk today.

I love the bardic element to Druidry, and I have as a result studied the various old tales and folklore associated with these blessed Isles. My Druidry led me to start writing short stories and poems again. Many of these poems and tales centred around the wheel of the year and the cycles of nature. Many of them also got their first public performance during the Eistedfodd section of the Open Rituals held by the Anderida Gorsedd. The Gorsedd meets on a hill beneath the feet of the Log man of Wilmington. A chalk figure in East Sussex. That is where the name of My Blog and my You tube channel comes from.

I have been honoured to have been awarded the title of Chief Bard of Anderida on three separate occasions.


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