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Celtic Charities

In this section, we thought we'd introduce you to some of the amazing Charity work that goes on within the Celtic field. If you would like to be listed here, drop us a line at webmaster@celticmythpodshow.com.


The Clanranald Trust

The Trust is seeking support to complete a replica 12th Century Fortified Village currently under construction in the Carron Valley Forest, on the border between Stirlingshire, Falkirk and North Lanarkshire in Scotland.

Clan Ranald Trust

Battle Museum of Local History

More details coming soon!

Marcus the Centurion

The Royal Celtic Society

More details coming soon!


An Comunn Gaidhealach

The Association which has a broad based membership, was until recently the only professional Gaelic promoting body in Scotland, is concerned with the promotion of the Gaelic language. This is achieved by presenting various events which include youth activity, music, song, festivals and the publication of a Gaelic newspaper, 'An Gaidheal Ur'.

An Cumunn Gaidhealach

Cornish Language Fellowship

During the year the Kowethas organises a number of language days, often supported by Cornish music or dancing, which give Cornish speakers the opportunity of meeting together in a Cornish speaking environment.

Cornish Language Fellowship

Federationof Old Cornwall Societies

"Cuntelleugh an brewyon us gesys na vo kellys travyth".

(Gather up the fragments that are left that nothing be lost.)


Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

New World Celts

Dedicated to promoting Celtic History and supporting Celtic Culture in the New World.

New World Celts

Beltane Fire Society

There are four quarter-day festivals, each one marking the change of the seasons each with a special ritual and symbolic significance. The Beltane Fire Society holds events to recreate these ancient festivals and re-establish the oft-forgotten link between ourselves and the seasonal passage of the year.

Beltane Fire Society

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