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The Clanranald Trust for Scotland
The Clanranald Trust

Duncarron a Fortified Village


The Trust is seeking support to complete a replica 12th Century Fortified Village currently under construction in the Carron Valley Forest, on the border between Stirlingshire, Falkirk and North Lanarkshire in Scotland.


THE TRUST                        
The Clanranald Trust for Scotland has been registered with the Inland Revenue as a charity since 1996.  The Trust provides Educational services on Historical Topics relating to Scottish Culture and Heritage through visiting around 300 school classrooms each year and participating in special events at home and abroad.

Services are also provided to the Film and TV Industry (combat teams, fight training/ choreography, historical advisors and costume).  The Trust has worked within the Corporate Entertainment Industry for many years now and has been staging educational events and entertainment at community gala days and historical re-enactments. The Trust’s own band “Saor Patrol” has successfully performed at many music events in venues in Scotland, England, Ireland, USA, Europe and Scandinavia.

Most of these services are necessary to financially support the Clan’s education objectives, reflected in the stated aim “To Raise Awareness of Scottish Culture and Heritage at Home and Abroad through Interactive Education and Entertainment.”

The Trust’s office is located in Kincardine, Fife where 2 employees work on a full time basis with around 30 volunteers who provide a range of skills from school classroom visits to film appearances (85 credits to date).


medieval foodThe Trust’s biggest project by far is the construction of a fortified village. The Fort, to be called Duncarron, will have a number of internal period buildings and will be animated by staff in period dress at all times. 


The site is leased from the Forestry Commission for Scotland and planning consent was received around 5 years ago.

SP_A0138.jpgDunCarron-Panoramic1aSm.jpgSince then major earthworks have been completed and the palisade is in the process of being erected.  In addition, a toilet block, car park, decorative stone entrance arch and footpath excavations have been completed.  A prefabricated timber building, to be erected as a visitor welcome centre, has been purchased and is on site awaiting erection. 

Around £350,000 ($700,000) has been spent to reach this stage.  Approximately 70% was raised by the Trust from supporters and the remainder was secured through grant funding from various public bodies.

ClanEducation4.jpgTHE FUTURE

Dun1All of the Trust’s activities are continuing successfully.  The education work maintains the number of school visits at around 300 each year and information is being gathered to establish an education web-site that will provide comprehensive access to new information, currently unavailable, with links to other Scottish history databases which, until now, have not been previously connected to each other.  In the coming year school visits range from a performance at Hawick High School, in the Scottish Borders, to an interactive Jacobite session with children at Anstruther Primary School in Fife, and  similar interactive sessions with children at Carronshore Primary School on Vikings and the Wars of Independence.  Many Trust and Band commitments are confirmed to the end of 2008.  These include around 20 educational visits / performances by the Trust for Historic Scotland at various significant castles around Scotland; many corporate appearances for different commercial organizations, including an “ambush” of guests at a particular function; and performances by the band at festivals in Scotland, England, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Lithuania and Estonia.

Work at the Fort is continuing.  Only limited funding is currently available so the outstanding work to complete the Fort falls mainly to volunteers.  However, whilst the Trust remains confident that completion can be achieved, volunteers have limited and unpredictable time available, as a consequence of which it may take longer to open to schools and the general public than was hoped.  As the Fort will be the primary education tool in future, where children will visit to see and participate in historical experiences far better than any school visit can offer, it is imperative that support is identified to complete the outstanding work, ready for use, as early as possible.

Discussions are in progress with several public bodies to secure support.  However, the full requirements may not be available from these sources and what is offered may not be forthcoming until future unknown dates.  The Trust, therefore, is appealing for financial support and support in kind to substantially complete Duncarron over the coming months. 

The main outstanding physical components are as follows:

  • palisade fence                                                                   £ 30,000          ($60,000)
  • internal building ( e.g. forge, hospital, warrior camp)       £ 50,000          ($100,000)
  • internal building (Round houses x 4, Longhouses x 3 )   £50,000           ( $100.00)
  • footpaths, including disabled parking                              £50,000           ($100,000)
  • visitor centre erection and fit out                                      £ 29,000          ($18,000)
  • energy installation using sustainable sources                    £   6,000          ($12,000)

                                                                                                £215,000         ($390,000)
Whilst estimated costs are listed above, the Trust will be very pleased to discuss alternative ways to deliver each one individually should possibilities occur.  The Trust will also be pleased to discuss forms of association which might appeal to potential supporters, such as names of particular events and exhibits and long term associations with the Fort or particular components.


The Trust would welcome the opportunity to present the Duncarron project to potential supporters and to arrange escorted site visits to view progress first hand.  The site at Duncarron is set in a beautiful part of the Scottish countryside which visitors always appreciate and are keen to return to.

To find out more and to discuss how to get involved please contact:

Charlie Allan, CEO
Tel:                  +44 (0)1259 731010
Mob/Cell:        +44 (0)7703 489626
email:               charlie@clanranald.org
Allan Moyes, Project Director
Tel:                  +44 (0)141 578 8264
Mob/Cell         +44 (0)7799 581788
email:               allan@clanranald.org


25 High Street, Kincardine, Alloa, FK10 4RJ
Telephone & Fax +44 (0) 1259 731010
Email: info@clanranald.org Web www.clanranald.org
A Recognised Charity of Scotland Charity No SC 024881


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